About Me

Hello everyone, and welcome to  The Car Shrink.com.  This is a place for anyone who cares about cars, and here’s what you can look forward to if you stick around: crazy reviews, long winded stories about my most out-of-hand car hunts, rants about bad rides, drivers, and dirt-bags , along with the complete inside track into the world of crazy (and crazy expensive) collector cars. You’ll also have access to the hard-to-find cars I’m selling, and if you’re on the hunt for a collector yourself, I’m here to help.

But what makes me the guy for the job?

Well, before I could talk, I was racing (and destroying) model cars across my parents’ floors (and walls, and counters, and stove). I am crazy for cars. And not like, enthusiastic—full on foaming-at-the-mouth. For over 20 + years I’ve loved them, left them, pampered them, abused them, raced them, crashed them, burned them and eventually sold them… A lot of them. In fact I sold so many Ferraris that, between me and my business partner, we sold more new Ferraris than anyone in North America—at Ferrari Beverly Hills.

But as one of my clients once said to me, I wasn’t just a salesman, I was a shrink. A “car shrink.” And he was right, I’d been counseling for as long as I could remember: family, friends, and eventually the rich the famous and some eccentric people who collect the world’s most coveted cars for sport.

So, stick around and don’t be shy about sending me questions (we can also chat on Twitter  Facebook  And,  Instagram  above all, enjoy the ride!

Your devoted Car Shrink,